Patricia Lynn-Strickland
adult acting classes & workshops in Camarillo

​​​​​Because if education is happening, the ARTS ARE NECESSARY!


Brian McDonald: (Director/Producer/Actor) "Patricia is an exceptional theatre artist who brings out the best in her students. She is a remarkable writer/director/producer with the ability to create theatrical productions that are entertaining, educational and socially relevant. Respected by her peers, parents and students, Patty is an asset to our Rubicon family and I happily offer my whole-hearted endorsement."

Gai Jones:(CETA/DTASC Theatre Educator) "Patricia Strickland is a professional who believes in developing active classes and activities for students of Theatre Arts."

Gerard Wicklin:(Parent/Treasury at Reiter Affiliated Companies) "Patti Strickland is a theater professional, an artist and teacher. If you are interested in studying theater, there is no one better equipped to lead you on this journey than Patti. But she is not to be taken lightly. She is serious about her art, and if you study with her, it will not be a superficial endeavor. For her, art is a necessary corrective to the disintegrative forces in the world. She is demanding, probing, inquisitive, she will challenge you, she will disturb you, she will upset your settled perceptions, she will recreate your understanding of yourself and your place in the world community. You will see connections you had not imagined, and when you think you have reached the acme of your art, Patti will lead you another step ahead and you will find yourself at the start of a further great, tectonic upheaval. If you are prepared to partake in that type of journey, seek out Patti and don’t look back."

Jerry Yoshitomi:(Chief Knowledge Officer at MeaningMatters, LLC) "In addition to being an outstanding teacher of drama, her commitment to engaging young people with the important social justice issues of our time. I had the privilege of seeing her work with students in a rehearsal of a play about migration and our border with Mexico. She is to be commended and supported."

John Slade: (Actor/Director/Teacher) "Patricia is a passionate teacher who loves her students and her craft--sets the bar high and maintains a sense of excitement in the room about learning, reaching, succeeding, failing, and reaching again!"

Scott Campbell: (Actor/Director/Teacher/Artist)​ "Patti Strickland is a force unto herself, always working and striving to provide students with top notch opportunities to perform and learn. She always goes the extra length to make sure students not only have a chance to perform, but that they also see the greater picture. I look forward to what she does next, and I wholeheartedly recommend Patti to any organization looking for people with knowledge, passion and leadership."

Vicki Johnson: (Parent/Managing Partner at Wilson Ellis Company)​ "Patricia is magic, against many odds Patricia puts on extravaganza musicals worthy of Broadway. Honestly, i don't know how she does it! My daughter was able to get a scholarship and a position in a very challenging theater program at a large university and I give Patricia much of the credit for mentoring her and bringing out her talent. Thank you Patricia!"

Kendall VanConas: (Parent/Partner at Arnold LaRochelle Mathews VanConas & Zirbel LLP)​ "Patty is remarkably good at bringing out the best in her student actors. Each production is amazing in it's own right, and she continues to impress me with her devotion and commitment to the arts. I am eager and excited to see what Patty can bring out in my child as she works with her during high school. She is an asset to our community.​"

  • Shirley Lorraine (Entertainment/Speaker/Educator) "Patti brings energy, innovation and passion to the stage, whether onstage herself or directing the action. She infuses excitement in her actors, increasing their motivation and skills. She is also gracious and generous in community service, bringing entertainment to the forefront."
  • ​​Heidi Goodspeed (Actress/Graphic Design Consultant and Professional) "I've known Patricia Strickland for several years and have always admired her vibrant energy and enthusiasm in the field of Theater Arts. She is a fine director. I am confident she would always bring the same level of passion and commitment to any project she is assigned."
  • Michael O'Kelly (Artist/Writer/Film maker/Producer) "I have worked closely with Patricia on two substantial projects; the stage play by Ray Bradbury - "Fahrenheit 451" and my stage play - "Live Forever". Patricia is a wonderful and inspirational stage director. I have never seen anyone transform the performance capabilities of teenage actors with more passion and skill. Patricia works just as creatively and successfully with experienced adult stage actors and I would highly recommend her for any directorial involvement with children's or professional theatre,"
  • ​​Linda Livingston (Actress/Director) "Over the past twenty-plus years, I have had the privilege of working with Patricia Strickland, performing onstage with her, directing her and being directed by her. I have also enjoyed, as an audience member, a number of her other productions. She brings great energy, integrity, creativity and skill to all her work, and even her school productions exude a rare professionalism."

  • Rob Ochoa, MBA (Parent/Principal, Ochoa 360 Consulting | Business Consultant | Project Manager | Biopharma Professional | Team Leader | Trainer) "Patti is an exceptional drama instructor who utilizes experiential learning processes along with critical thinking skills in the development of her students’ curriculum and maturation. She seeks excellence from her students and instills an intrinsic belief that they can be excellent at whatever they endeavor."
  • ​​Robert Alumbaugh (Actor/Sound Engineer) "Patricia Lynn-Strickland has been a critical element in the bedrock of the theatrical environment of Southern California. My experience with Patrica is both professional and I have had the honor of performing with her in productions. As the culture of the arts continues to change Patrica's unwavering support and contributions to our art community has been a Godsend for Ventura County. Mrs. Strickland year after year inspires and challenges new talent and the youth with programs that inspire. Patricia's long time endeavor in the community has also put her a unique position to have at her disposal a cadre of professionals that can facilitate any production/program challenge. Patricia continues to surround herself with highly capable professionals from all facets of our industry thus making her a valuable asset to any team. When one thinks of dedicated professionals that can take an idea from the cradle to the stage, the first name that comes to mind is Patrica Lynn-Strickland. I would not hesitate to recommend or call on Patty to contribute to any endeavor."

Address: 2222 Ventura Blvd, Camarillo, CA 93010
Phone: (805) 383-1368