Please consider sponsoring an underserved youth for one of our classes or summer camps! Click on the button below to go to the FUNDLY website and give generously!Studio V offers comprehensive acting classes, arts classes & events, with a focus on their application to education.

About Us

Patricia Lynn-Strickland (Director, producer, writer, actress) is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) West. BA -NYIT in Interdisciplinary Studies and a MA Communication & Leadership Gonzaga University. 

When education is happening,

the arts are necessary!

Do you want a Sustainable Competetive Advantage in school and the workplace? Studio V 4 Arts - Ventura’s Voice 4 Arts & Tutoring, because if education’s happening the Arts are NECESSARY. Studio V: We weave arts & education -intergenerationally, through a rigorous acting program.

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Studio V 4 Arts

Our programs purposefully bring together people of different ages to create

mutually beneficial, planned activities, designed to achieve specified program goals.

Through inter-age programs people of all ages share their talents and resources,

supporting each other in relationships that benefit both the individuals and the

community. Successful program are based on reciprocity, are sustained and intentional,

and involve education and preparation for all ages.

Acting Classes & Performances in Ventura

CLASSES located AT:
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Patricia Lynn-strickland Acting Classes & Performances

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